The work you do is honorable. As one who works for the enforcement of the law of Nigeria, you should be respected. Thank you for the duties you perform to keep our road safe.

For you're a servant of God for good, not for evil. It is evident that good works are to be the natural function of rulers and those who carry out the orders. Romans 13:3-4

Generally, when people live peacefully and do good things, they are a pleasure to live with. Set to gamble having book of ra fixed online casino. You shall be honored by people and respected by God when you do your work for good. Do not forget that your superior may be a person in higher rank, but no matter who that person is, they are outranked by God. God is the One with ultimate authority.

This is one reason why Daniel survived in the lion's den, but the political officials that did evil, were eaten by the lions. God keeps watch on the evil and the good. If not in this life, surely in the life to come, God will repay what is fair. If you are a keeper of justice, you are blessed.

Since we have all sinned, we all deserve death. The good news is that Jesus was sent by God on a rescue mission to save us. No matter how many sins against people or acts of treason against God we have committed, He offers us complete forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Jesus revealed who the Creator is! On the cross, the Son of God gave His life to pay for sin. When Jesus died, your sin and my sin was paid for. The blessed lamb of God that gave His life, took the curse so that you and I could be blessed! John 1:12.

To all of the brave Road Safety Officers across this great land, thank you for all of the times you have done the honorable work to uphold the law on road usage. For all of the times you may have not carried out your duty in an honorable way, there is forgiveness. It's found in the blood of Jesus. His blood paid for every mistake. If you call on Jesus He will save you and His blood will clean you! Romans 10:13, Romans 13:3, Romans 13:4, John 1:12